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Private and Public Journal

I shall be from now on using this LiveJournal as both a private place to keep in touch with close friends and hash out my thoughts, and also a public forum to display my works.

I have now removed all of those that I don't think take an active part in my life any more, though if you feel you where removed in error please say.

From now on, posts about myself will all be FRIENDS ONLY, and posts of my work and commissions will all be public. 
Feel free to add me just to watch me works, but you're someone who I know in real life, please comment or message me and I'll add you to my friends list.

Thank you

Procrastination Proof Pony Proliferation Project!


To get myself into the flow of using my new website and blog, I thought I would start with a challenge to myself.
Since the LARP season is largely over, I am still unemployed, G4 Ponies have finally hit UK shores and My Little Pony: Friendship if Magic Season 2 is off to a flying start I thought I would christen this site with a slightly unhinged project.

I intend to create a custom pony a week, for every week that Season 2 is running, with each new pony being based on something in the Previous episode.
If I was to stick to this I would hopefully be Watching the Episode on the Saturday, choosing the custom on the Sunday, picking up the base pony on the Monday and finishing the custom by the next Saturday.
Then, I will show my work on the Saturday night/Sunday morning in threads on various forums, and possibly Reddit and ask for suggestions on my next pony. On the Sunday I will take the best suggestion from everyone who contributes and that will be my next week long project, at the same time I will then (unless I fall in love with the pony I’ve made) put the old one up on eBay for sale, mostly to cover costs of getting brand new ponies to customize and, I’m sure Bronies and other fans out there would love some custom pony work along the way.

In the mean time, here’s the WIP of my current two first G4 custom ponies, as inspired by the first season of the show;
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Hope you enjoy this.


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Costume Blog

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, build my own website for a show of my work and an on-line portfolio.
One this website I shall be showing all my work that I have for sale, walking people through what I do and laying out what I can do in order to try and get commissions.

Anyways, soon I shall get this going.
So, enjoy.


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Birth of a Dragon and Odyssey Report
Nyee' Nyeeh
I had just written out a really long, impressive LJ post about Odyssey and making the dragon costume, but somehow accidentally clicked back, and LOST IT ALL, I came back to try and retrieve the draft, but only got a blank post.
So, this is going to be all you get instead ...

So, my second crewing time at Odyssey was again, amazing.  It will certainly become a fixture of my Larping year and I would advise anyone that don't see an appeal in playing to come and crew because you get to play hugely colourful NPCs, brilliant monsters, you get fed and watered and then 500 people show up to play bland human mooks for you to chew on, and they're the ones that pay!!
New Quest and Story setup worked well, and having Mandala Studios there was great but that was mostly because it allowed me to steal supplies, knowledge and skills!
All the players where amazing to play with, great fun playing a Fangirl in Persia, Hysterial Scribe in Greece and the Water Nympths in a talky role and then in the Arena.

But then the mother of all Arena battles for me was of course;
Daughter of Tiamat!!

Gods this costume was such an utter rush job!!  4 days it took to make, but soo happy with it
Background, WIP Shots and Action Video of it!!Collapse )

And have gotten so much good feedback from the costume and the fight itself, loved it.

Thanks everyone

Currently open for Commissions!

Wolf Mask and Armour WIP

It's been a little while since I put some work up here, mostly because I've not been doing too much work.
However, what we have here is a brand new, really confortable, latex mask for Larping.

It's my take on a Wolf Mask;

Like my fox mask before it it's pretty comfortable, has large eye holes, but has a more of an exaggerated muzzle and those wonderful teeth built into the mould.
To keep it rigid like that it does need to use thicker latex than usual, but this just makes it feel actually hgiher quality than normal masks or prosthetics and still not noticeably heavy.
Painted up, with a strap, I would want £24 for one of these masks.
Me in a Fox Mask, Rawr
This me wearing the mask.
More Pictures of the Mask ...Collapse )

I am also working on a new suit of Leather and Plastic Hybrid Heavy armour for Maelstrom.  This is a commission piece.
Like my armour that I've shown before, it is leather with painted plastic plates over it, which is suitable for heavy armour in many systems, is very light and durable and also, most importantly, comfortable.
Maelstrom terms it is perfect for Lightened Heavy armour.  For refference a suit of armour akin to this would cost around £120-200 depending on complexity and amount of pieces required.
WiP Armour Photo ...Collapse )

Other Commissions to hand:
Extra Arms
[Foip] sculpted and cast and backed in leather for [Foip]
Custom PONIES!!
Head Band.
Anything you want to give me money for.

Please, any feedback is always great!

Thanks to visiting


Cosplay and Larp Kit

I've been chatting to someone from a few years back in the Anime community a LOT over the last week, they never really got into larping and I kinda lost contact with them until quiet recently when they helped me out a lot out of the blue.  Strange week.
But we got to talking about difference between Cosplay Costumes and Larp Costume/Props.

I remember doing a lot of Costumes back when I was in the Anime community and going to every convention going, I remember my fantastic late nights of rushing everything, putting everything on with hope and duct tape.
Now with LARP props, the time investment is an entirely different curve!  Rushing costumes usually doesn't get stuff finished to the same degree, because half finished LARP costumes usually don't hold together properly or simply don't look right.

I think the difference is something along the lines of Aesthetics verses Practicality.

Let me qualify this ...
Aesthetics, you are trying to match a piece of artwork, a Anime Character mostly, who usually have block colours, consistent visual design over their costume and for the most parts, little by way of tiny details or textures.  This isn't quite the same for Video Game characters, but with them since they are rendered in as realistic was as possible, they are pretty much blueprint for what you have to copy!
So, you are trying to match this Aesthetic look!  It doesn't have to look pretty from behind, it doesn't have to last more than a few hours (less if you're entering the masquerade) it doesn't even have to hold together under ANY stresses more than walking.
This makes all corners cutable, all costs less and a lot of details easier to get right with less investment of time and money.

Practicality, now, you may say 'But I designed my LARP characters to look exactly like this' but you're still thinking about practicality.  A LARP costume needs to be practical to move in for an entire day, perhaps two days straight!  And more importantly it needs to hold together for that time, not even just for that time, many many many more events or running, jumping and climbing trees.  Not to mention getting attacked by idiots with foam swords!
So, the initial investment in materials, fixings and construction are entirely different, a, higher in most cases.
And the methodology used to make it is very different, practicality belies a real world use for these items that Aesthetic items will just never see, so where you may use painted papermache for armour on an Aesthetic costume, with split pins and sellotape holding it together, for a larp costume you have to go for a resistant material such as fiberglass, heat moulded plastics and even metals.
Much bigger time, money and skill investment.  But for results that'll last through LARP events.

This is what I mean when I say I've grown as a costumer, got a lot better at it over the years.
Moved from Cosplay Costumes to Larp Costumes and Props and I think I am a LOT better for it.
This also puts most Cosplayers in a very different mind set when looking at LARP costumes as they just don't consider the investment in them worth something that often has the same visual effect as something done in a Aesthetic costume.

Does this make sense?  I think it does.
Anyways, thanks to this awesome person for chatting and helping ... and Yes this will count as my latest costume and prop update because I CBA to generate any real content.
Though, did make me think; perhaps I will turn my hand to Cosplay again in the future.


It's actually coming

I've threatened this a few times now I know, but, I'm actually going to do.

Since my life is in a very different place now, I am going to be removing pretty much anyone I haven't had contact with in the last year.

Anyone who wants to make contact with me please do so here, if not, maybe we'll meet again in the future.

Thank you

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Things I have been doing
Traiya Art
Right, to get the ball rolling on this, I thought I would post some random snippets of things I've been making over the last year or so.

Draenei Death Knight costume and armour.
Photo BelowCollapse )
Worn to the London launch of World of Warcraft Cataclysm.  It was possibly one of the best experiences of my life, feeling like an utterly adored celebrity, queues of people wanting photographs with me, most people assuming I worked for Blizzard as a promotion, it was amazing.
And I won an iPad from it as well, that I sold to pay rent and get an amazing laptop.

Latex Fox Prosthetic Mask.
Photo BlowCollapse )
Made as a commission for use as a Mokosh (Gnoll) racial costume at larp, namely Maelstorm.
Ended up selling a good few of them actually, and am still producing more.

My Little Deathwing, custom My Little Pony
Photo BelowCollapse )
Now this guy is a little harder to explain.  Well, not really, he is a FULL SCULPT Custom G1 My Little Pony done to look like Deathwing, the dragon and man antagonist from World of Warcraft Cataclsym.
He's not the only pony I've made recently, but he is certainly the most distinct.

Third Eye Prosthetics
Photo BelowCollapse )
Again, these are for Maelstorm, but of course are useful for any costume that requires, well, a third eye on your forehead.
But, then again, why restrict it to JUST your forehead, get loads of them all over your body.

Hope you enjoyed these.


So, Oxford and things

Last two months of my life have been utterly crazy!

With my flats lease coming to an end I ended up getting a shared house with some AWESOME larpers in Oxford, so, after two months in my last workplace I get my redundancy and starting this month am now living up in Oxford full time after two months of living in a borrowed bedroom from my Father during the week and Oxford weekends. =D
Finally getting myself sorted, and all that entails, finally starting!

So, brand new life in a new city with entirely new and fantastic friends, quite a LARGE group of friends, surprisingly large group of them, pre-made and packaged from Maelstrom.
All of whom seem to be on LJ, so since I wanted to start posting on here anyways for costume stuff, I should get into the habbit of doing public costume posts and then private personal things.  Probably will start with a cull that I've been meaning to do.

My new place has space for a fucking workshop for me!!  I have a large room!!  I have great house mates in Dave and Rich and a fantastic Sister in Crime in Hayley.

So, got myself a brilliant new hair cut (love my Fringe, love it love it love it), new wardrobe (who knew you could spend that much at Primarch xD) and a new beautify city.

So, here we go.  Well, here we go Circa 29th of October.  =^__^=

Will post my costume plans and commissions up tomorrow.


Stalled on Start up
Okay, hello.
I may have stalled on start up, a month and a half and not getting around to posting, bed me!

So, erm, here is an image that is shiny;

Just a painted up and battle damaged Nerf Maverick for a friend for D.u.D (gracewing ) in fact.

Erm, current commissions of Interest;
Fancy Pants Bolt Pistol
Not so fancy Bolt Pistol
Space Marine Scout Armour (the pain!!)

I'll start soon.



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