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Wolf Mask and Armour WIP

It's been a little while since I put some work up here, mostly because I've not been doing too much work.
However, what we have here is a brand new, really confortable, latex mask for Larping.

It's my take on a Wolf Mask;

Like my fox mask before it it's pretty comfortable, has large eye holes, but has a more of an exaggerated muzzle and those wonderful teeth built into the mould.
To keep it rigid like that it does need to use thicker latex than usual, but this just makes it feel actually hgiher quality than normal masks or prosthetics and still not noticeably heavy.
Painted up, with a strap, I would want £24 for one of these masks.
Me in a Fox Mask, Rawr
This me wearing the mask.

I am also working on a new suit of Leather and Plastic Hybrid Heavy armour for Maelstrom.  This is a commission piece.
Like my armour that I've shown before, it is leather with painted plastic plates over it, which is suitable for heavy armour in many systems, is very light and durable and also, most importantly, comfortable.
Maelstrom terms it is perfect for Lightened Heavy armour.  For refference a suit of armour akin to this would cost around £120-200 depending on complexity and amount of pieces required.

Other Commissions to hand:
Extra Arms
[Foip] sculpted and cast and backed in leather for [Foip]
Custom PONIES!!
Head Band.
Anything you want to give me money for.

Please, any feedback is always great!

Thanks to visiting


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The mask looks the business. I may request one in more me-like colours when my random dogboy ronin becomes needed at 'strom.

Keep up the craftiness!

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