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Birth of a Dragon and Odyssey Report
Nyee' Nyeeh
I had just written out a really long, impressive LJ post about Odyssey and making the dragon costume, but somehow accidentally clicked back, and LOST IT ALL, I came back to try and retrieve the draft, but only got a blank post.
So, this is going to be all you get instead ...

So, my second crewing time at Odyssey was again, amazing.  It will certainly become a fixture of my Larping year and I would advise anyone that don't see an appeal in playing to come and crew because you get to play hugely colourful NPCs, brilliant monsters, you get fed and watered and then 500 people show up to play bland human mooks for you to chew on, and they're the ones that pay!!
New Quest and Story setup worked well, and having Mandala Studios there was great but that was mostly because it allowed me to steal supplies, knowledge and skills!
All the players where amazing to play with, great fun playing a Fangirl in Persia, Hysterial Scribe in Greece and the Water Nympths in a talky role and then in the Arena.

But then the mother of all Arena battles for me was of course;
Daughter of Tiamat!!

Gods this costume was such an utter rush job!!  4 days it took to make, but soo happy with it

Picture it, walking past Gimbys door late on Saturday night the weekend before ODC he's talking on Skype and asks me "Vicki, do you still have that old Dragon Costume," but unfortunately only a few months earlier I had actually thrown it all away appart from the head, which I kept for posterity.
So, he enquirers, if they gave me money, could I make them a dragon ... of course, given enough money I could make any costume, but I would need the time in which to spend this money!!  4 Days, wow, no time at all to order anything in, and said budget was only £30.

Heh, now, I got confirmation Sunday that yes, they wanted this costume, so, Monday I started ...
I cheated a little, used the head from my old dragon costume to repaint it.
Also, I had a box full of scales from the 4 year old dragon costume that I hadn't thrown away, which was lucky as I had no way to get the materials to make more of them.
Foam, lots of FOAM, so much foam.
Spray glue, bought, lots of glue.
White and Blue fancy pants acrylic paint.
Fun Foam for those fins, and then fabric interfacing for the wings after running out of foam, that works really well somehow.
OOh, and Airbrushing, so much Mandala airbrushing, but that wasn't until day 4.
All on top of my lovely Stilts, Power Bocks, love them.

So, Tuesday, this is what I had ...

This is it's undercoating.
It got much darker, and gained some green.
So, by Wednesday I had all three colours undercoated, all the pieces where drying and I had to use what I had of Thursday to make a leather quiver for a commission.

Friday was spent in the Mandala studio tent, a lot of leather working to build the strapping on the tail piece and the wings!  And then strapping on the other pieces and head and whatnot.
And also being showing how to use the Mandala airbrush and the correct inks whilst being instructed by Leah and Wookie, was Awesome and my gods will it increase my ability.

So, that was the four days it took to birth the dragon.
On Saturday I took a half an hour to do a dry run with the costume, that required Hayley to get me in and out of it, who has the patience of a SAINT for doing so.
And thanks to Anan for Recording this in the OC Crew field;

This wasn't quite as awesome looking as fight in the arena as I had longer to get used to fighting on them, and had more room to move about to go to RUN AFTER people and they had fun running away.
Players where amazing for this fight, was soooo much fun.  Loved it.

And have gotten so much good feedback from the costume and the fight itself, loved it.

Thanks everyone

Currently open for Commissions!

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Alt. PC for el 'strommo?

Nah, without a large group there's no point in playing a dragon.

Though, my next character, if my current ever ups and dies, may feature this costume with a certain Squiggle on her forehead ...

holy flyin lycra dragon butt batman! *o*;;
Shake that funky Dragon butt white girl XD

is that one of those all in one lycra costumes zentai suits or whatever? I really want one of them ^_____^
how were the stilts for long time wear? I was considering getting some of those.
I love the way your wingalings go all flappy when you move ^.^ pfft!

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