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Procrastination Proof Pony Proliferation Project!


To get myself into the flow of using my new website and blog, I thought I would start with a challenge to myself.
Since the LARP season is largely over, I am still unemployed, G4 Ponies have finally hit UK shores and My Little Pony: Friendship if Magic Season 2 is off to a flying start I thought I would christen this site with a slightly unhinged project.

I intend to create a custom pony a week, for every week that Season 2 is running, with each new pony being based on something in the Previous episode.
If I was to stick to this I would hopefully be Watching the Episode on the Saturday, choosing the custom on the Sunday, picking up the base pony on the Monday and finishing the custom by the next Saturday.
Then, I will show my work on the Saturday night/Sunday morning in threads on various forums, and possibly Reddit and ask for suggestions on my next pony. On the Sunday I will take the best suggestion from everyone who contributes and that will be my next week long project, at the same time I will then (unless I fall in love with the pony I’ve made) put the old one up on eBay for sale, mostly to cover costs of getting brand new ponies to customize and, I’m sure Bronies and other fans out there would love some custom pony work along the way.

In the mean time, here’s the WIP of my current two first G4 custom ponies, as inspired by the first season of the show;

Hope you enjoy this.


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